Photos taken by Henryoshistudios

 ZARA Shirt & Shoes | MODDEALS sunglasses | CHANEL boy | F21 Shorts

This weekend was crazy in San Diego, superheroes, villains and zombies were roaming the streets. More than 200,000 people attended the Comic Con this year, and it was so much fun to just walk around and see all the costumes. I shot these pictures yesterday, and I loved how empty the streets were, it was literally the calm after the storm.


Photos taken by Henryoshistudios

COS Shirtdress | F21 Jean Shirt | OLIVER PEOPLE Sunglasses | & OTHER STORIES Shoes | BALENCIAGA city bag

This last picture makes me literally laugh out loud, look at my serious face as I take a pic of my outfit. So determined! Hope it makes you smile too, cause quite frankly it's Monday and we still have a long way to go til Friday. :)

p.s. Everyone should own a shirt dress, if not go out there and buy one. Some of my favs here,  here, here, & here

stripes is the new black.

 Photos taken by Henryoshistudios

Moddeals Sunglasses | H&M Ear Piece | Zara Dress & Shoes | Chanel Boy

I have to say it's good to back in sunny San Diego. Trying to stay cool with this summer striped dress I bought at Zara, in the Barcelona store. Simple yet cool.
 It's Friday! Hope you all have a great weekend! I'm off to the Comic Con hopefully I see some of you there, and we can stalk celebrities together! xx